The sole designer behind Caribou Design. Self-taught freelance graphic designer. Holds a Bachelor in Communication (Public Relations).

Caribou Design began in 2012 as a result of my spare time, and desire to use my creativity and the self-taught design skills I’ve developed over the years.

We offer a range of design services, but spend a majority of the time working on web design, logos and posters. Caribou Design is different in that we claim to be affordable and creative, which we definitely are. I don’t feel that graphic design needs to be as expensive as most people charge, that’s why I focus on transparency with my low prices, and also by cutting out things that make design expensive [which is why I only offer template-based websites at the moment]. However, all our work is still to the highest quality and makes the most of our creativity. 

We offer several packages in order to group similar services together and give it one price, and also a general hourly rate. But if you have any project you need work on – just get in touch! I’m sure we can figure something out.


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