Frequently Asked Questions

and what you need to know

How does this work?

The process from contact me to getting your final design is fully described here

Payment methods?

My preferred payment method is bank transfer, however you can pay via Paypal if necessary. In most situations I require a deposit, likely 50% of the quoted amount.

How do we communicate?

I generally work remotely, which means by distance. So as long as you give me an appropriate brief we can talk about what you want via email, or phone. If I’m nearby I’m sure we can meet over coffee as well!

What if I'm not happy?

I like to ensure all customers are happy, so I will get you to fill in a brief and I will clarify anything I’m unsure of. I also involve you in the design process by showing you everything I’ve done along the way for feedback.

What if I don't know what I want?

As long as you can give me a general idea, I can do the research and work with you so we can figure out your vision for the project.

How do I know how much it will be?

Please see my pricing guide for an idea on pricing. Once you give me some details I can give you a quote on an approx price, but the final price can vary.